* If it is more than 3 days before your scheduled class and you need to cancel, and you have already assured your spot by paying, you have a few options:

  • find someone to take your place
  • I can refund you the original fee

* If is is less than 3 days before class, I am sorry that I cannot offer you a refund. If you have a friend who would like to take the class in your stead, you can let me know who I can expect and I will happily welcome them instead! If you cannot find someone to take your place and there is a waiting list for the class, there might be enough time for me to contact someone on that list to come take your place. In this case, I will happily offer you a refund. If not, I am sorry that there are NO refunds so late in the game. The nature of my small classes makes this all a bit tricky, so I thank you heartily for understanding.

* If it is the DAY OF class and you need to cancel, I am sorry, but I CANNOT issue you a refund or make any other offer. Thank you for your understanding!!


* Sliding Scale Classes *

What is sliding scale? It is when you decide how much to pay! 

Why do I sometimes offer a sliding scale for payment? I have been told countless times that I can and ought to charge more for my teachings. Many folks have also shared with me that they would love to be able to come to one of my classes, but cannot do so because of financial limitations. Because I am hesitant to attach a higher price to my classes, but would still appreciate being compensated fairly by those who can afford to, I have decided to allow YOU to decide what you would like to offer me as reimbursements for my teachings. If you can pay on the higher end, please do so! If you are limited in funds right now, pay on the lower end. And as always, please (!), if you would like to attend a class but are even more limited in funds, let’s talk. I am always open to barter, especially if you practice some form of healing arts, and figuring out a situation that works for both of us.