"As a fellow food lover, chef and nutrition educator, I am thrilled with Dara's classes. She has a commitment to local, sustainable foods with her own hands in the dirt, the expertise of a fine chef, and the enthusiasm and joy to create fantastic classes! You will not be disappointed with The Sage Table, you will certainly be inspired."   — Laura C.

“Dara’s passion for fresh, seasonal, organic food is contagious.  Her culinary mastery is obvious. Her creativity in the kitchen is that of a true artist. Her classes are dynamic, playful and full of valuable information. She has opened vast new food frontiers for me, and my world is infinitely more delicious, nourishing and inspired as a result!"  — Athena G.

"Dara is a wonderful and inspired teacher. I took the fermentation class which seriously changed my life ! I went home with the tools to make fermented vegetables, and a SCOBY for making kombucha. We had a chance to sample may delicious recipes and then she cooked us an amazing meal with exotic and marvelous flavors. I just took her Cosmic Chocolate class, and again, it was an illuminating, exciting, delicious and life changing experience. Dara is knowledgeable, passionate  and it's sheer delight to sit in her kitchen and soak all the deliciousness. I can't wait until her next offering!"  — Fran S.

“Whether one is already an expert or knows very little, you will leave with tons of new and useful information. Dara has a beautiful way with people. She is a wonderful teacher and has a passion for cooking that is both healthy and delicious! I highly recommend her classes.”    — Jeromy J.

"I loved learning about the sources of these intriguing and delicious ingredients and getting a handle on using them myself.  It has been so inspiring to explore the culinary possibilities Dara has opened me up to.  She makes everything easy, accessible, approachable, and FUN.  Thanks Dara, for you have forever enlightened my cooking experience!"  — Kait S.

"Loved, loved, loved the Cosmic Raw Chocolate Making class.  I came home so high and glowing on chocolate and medicinal herbs. Dara offered lots of tips, samples, and thorough explanations - all in a convivial environment with wonderful people.  Can't wait to take more of Dara's classes and enjoy the camaraderie around learning, cooking, and eating healthy sustainable food in that fabulous and inspiring kitchen."  — Lawrence N. 

I've just been feeling so much gratitude for you and your teachings. I've been putting lots of the teachings into action. I feel great. I feel grateful. I've been spreading your knowledge around. I LOVE your classes! They are so empowering. Knowledge is power and I am feeling it!  — Jo H. 

"Dara is a masterful chef who teaches with energy and warmth. She has a wealth of cooking techniques for flavor and nutritional value, local resources for fresh produce, spices, dairy, dining and much more. Her classes are well paced and packed full of information, community and fun. In every way, Dara's classes demonstrate the true meaning of nourishment -- from stove-top to table. Each class ends with an old-fashioned communal dinner of the night's preparations. I come away with much more than recipes. I come away truly nourished."    — Suzanne M.

"Dara is cooking outstanding food, meal after meal, week after week. The ingredients she uses are of the highest quality available on earth, often fresh from the farmers market. I love how I can simple throw out a desire for some kind of a dish, and Dara creates the most delicious recipe. Her knowledge goes way beyond what a cook ‘needs to know’, and she incorporates a tremendous amount of healing knowledge about food and nutrition into her cooking. I highly recommend hiring Dara as your personal chef, it is the best investment in your future and health you can possibly do!" — Gitta S.

"Dara did not disappoint! My experience there ended up being even more than I had expected! Dara is a wealth of information. I surprised myself with how many questions I was inspired to ask, and wonderfully surprised at how extensive and helpful her answers and suggestions were. If you are a beginning cook, The Sage Table will have you up and running with great recipes, techniques, and resources for cooking. If you are already a seasoned cook, you will be happy you came too. Dara is a pro and will really help you fill in anything that may be missing in your cooking skills and repertoire."  — Gemma P.

"Dara literally turned my health around with a nutritional consultation.  I was constantly sick with little colds, and she took a personal interest in my health.  I had her come shopping with me at Rainbow and tell me what to buy to be healthier, and how often to eat various foods and supplements.  My doctor afterward confirmed every one of Dara's recommendations.   My health has been 1000% better ever since.  Thanks, Dara!"  — Peter S.

- In the kitchen teaching since 2005 -