My Favorite Body + Oral Care Products

Using anything formulated by Nadine at Living Libations is a divine treat! I started using these magical potions years ago, when I decided to ditch the toxic, hormone-disrupting stuff procured from the drugstore and department stores once and for all — and I am so glad I did! I have been endlessly inspired by these brilliant formulations of essential oils and pure unrefined plant oils ethically sourced from all over the world. 

If I had to suggest just one product for you to start your own journey towards a more natural way of taking care of your skin, my choice would hands down be the 110 ml bottle of the Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever for the best bang for your buck. This will change your life — and your skin! It can be used as a facial cleanser, as well as a moisturizer for the face and the entire body too. 

Nadine is a genius on the subject of oral care and is a big proponent of empowering each of us to practice "Successful Self Dentistry," a stance which I support 100%. I recommend having a look at this page and deciding a few ways you might begin upping your oral care game now. Hint hint: a bottle of salt water by your sink doesn't cost much and makes up for the splurge on the truly phenomenal Frankincense Truth Toothpaste, which will have your teeth feeling like you just visited your own in-house hygienist every single day!

There are so many incredible bottles of potions to choose from on this site! Have a look at the comments in the product reviews so you can see that I'm not the only one to passionately endorse these products. I suggest ordering a few of these products if you can to experience the true upgrade in lifestyle that will invariably come with their use. I ❤️ Living Libations.

Optimize your Performance with Bulletproof Products 

If you know the Bulletproof brand at all, you know that everything in this store is formulated to support an optimized, fat-fueled lifestyle that makes your brain and body work better, while giving you tremendous value on top-notch products. Simply put, I'd use everything here daily if I could afford to!

Currently, I use Brain Octane oil daily, their certified mold-free coffee beans when I do brew coffee for my daily morning drink, Unfair Advantage and Glutathione Force occasionally, and activated Coconut Charcoal capsules for detoxing and also for digestive distress or after eating any sketchy food out on the town. I love toting around the yummy, energizing Chocolate Collagen Bars for convenient snacking on the go. Something new is Ketoprime, which is a really interesting product that I have come to depend on when I need to feel really good, RIGHT NOW. It's pricey, but sometimes one hundred percent worth it!

Iherb: A Super Spot for Supplements of all Sorts

I have been ordering from iherb for years and years. There are so many reasons I love this site. First, free shipping on orders more than $20. Second, packages arrive fast and with minimal packaging. Third, the more you order, the more you save, which is always nice. Plus, I like the endless order history that lets you easily see what you ordered when. Their selection is vast, so I almost always find what I'm looking for. And listings have comprehensive info on each product, plus helpful reviews too. 

I used to be a firm believer in food as medicine and was firm in my conviction that that was all we needed. Now, I am firmly in a different camp, as I've seen the benefits both to my own health and to the health of many others by adding in proper, targeted supplementation. The food we have access to these days simply does not have the nutrition of times past and wise supplementation is simply smart. Plus, our world and lifestyle habits are just so different now, and there can be huge benefits to adding in things that we would never get from food — for the purpose of mitigating stress, detoxing, optimizing cellular function, hormone balancing, and so on. It's always free shipping on orders over $20, and if you use my personal link to begin, you'll receive $5-10 off your first order.

Thrive Market: An online marketplace for all things organic

Thrive Market is like Whole Foods meets Costco meets Amazon with an impressive array of foods (non-perishables), toiletries, home products, and more, much as you would find in WF — but online! At Thrive, you get healthy, non-GMO, organic, vegan, raw, Paleo, gluten-free, and non-toxic items from the top-selling brands at wholesale prices at significant discounts, and it all gets shipped straight to your door. I have ordered a lot of stuff from here in the past year of my membership: highest quality fish oil at the lowest price around, my favorite tea, olive oil, coconut wraps, delicious olive paste, canned wild fishEpic bars for snacking, and lots more. 

The founders of Thrive believe healthy food shouldn't only be available to those who can afford it, or to those who live in close geographic proximity to a grocery store, so they offer a free membership to lower income families for every paid membership that they sell. Their mission is to make the highest-quality organic products accessible to everyone! 

The discount is 15% off with free shipping on your first order, plus a free 30 day trial after that is placed. Definitely worth the membership fees if you want the convenience of these great products shipped to your door!

Online Shopping at Amazon: So many things...

In my classes, students often want to know which knife I use, what brand pepper mill, etc. My favorite things are all there in the Kitchen Tools store. Other categories of my favorite things are Supplements, Sweeteners, Superfoods + Cacao products, and Cookbooks + Health books. Definitely take a few moments to peruse to see the stuff I use to make my life delicious and awesome! It's ALL right here at this link.

GLOBAL 7 INCH DEBA  I use this knife for everything. Light, with an extra thin blade, it's easy to handle and simply perfect. Worth every penny, you will have it for YEARS.
GLOBAL 4 INCH PARING KNIFE This and the knife above have been my two primary knives for over a dozen years. This one is handy and convenient to have around.
BENRINER MANDOLINE  Inexpensive and long-lasting, this light mandoline is perfect for thinly slicing vegetables. I adore mine!
MICROPLANE ZESTER  A kitchen essential for grating citrus zest, ginger, hard cheeses and more.
CUTTING BOARD  Get the 20x15x1.5 or larger (not thicker) and give it a permanent place on your counter.
PEPPER MILL  Another essential. MIne's been in use for over 30 years already.
VITAMIX  Buy full price here or use as a reference to find this model for less elsewhere. The quintessential high speed blender that will make you wish you'd pruchased it years ago. With an easy-to-remove lid and high and low speeds, plus variable speed, this is the one you want.
GARLIC PRESS  The best one out there! Easy to clean — unlike the one you probably already have.
NUT MILK BAG  A large and sturdy bag for straining nut milks and other stuff, sprouting seeds, teas, etc.

NETTLE LEAF (LOOSE BULK)  Nettle is pretty much the most nutrient-dense, mineral-rich plant on the planet. A long-steeped infusion is good for incredible hair + nails, and much more.
When you need some help relaxing and getting into what is known as "coherence" — when the heart, breath and brain are synchronized — and pair this device with the Inner Balance app on your iphone and aim to do 5-10 minute sessions twice a day. Heartmath parctive helps increase mental clarity, increase emotional stability, and improve cognitive function. Much needed in today's high-stress, fast-paced environment!


Everyday Essential Oils by doTerra

I'd been the proud owner of random bottles of essential oils that sat looking pretty on my shelves when I got introduced to doTerra by a good friend about 5 years ago. I was entranced by the incredible aromas, especially the blends, and also the way they worked so quickly. I couldn't stop myself from investing in practically every oil that they sell, and I have never looked back. The oils have changed the way I live and the way I take care of my body. I love using these potent medicines almost every day. Did you know that they are essentially the plant’s immune system? Each drop of oil contains a complex mixture of chemical constituents, and the molecular structure means that every cell of our bodies can be affected within 20 minutes or less - even just from smelling them. They can be used for improved immunity, mood elevation, easier digestion, to ward off viruses, bacteria, and infections of all sorts, plus they contribute to overall health in a pretty profound way.

The oils are convenient, potent potions packing a powerful punch. I love feeling that I have any medicine I might need in a few little bottle inside a little pouch in my purse wherever I go! Learning how to use the oils safely has been an incredibly empowering journey (that smells so good!) and I'd love to share with you what I've learned along the way.

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